Set in the 1990s, Chupa follows shy 13-year-old Alex (Evan Whitten), who’s still reeling from the death of his father. He leaves behind his home in Kansas City to spend spring break in Mexico, where he’ll meet his extended relatives for the first time. No sooner than Alex is settled with his grandfather and cousins, he discovers a chupacabra cub hiding out on the ranch. Alex quickly bonds with his new friend, whom he names “Chupa.” But the arrival of a calculating scientist puts Chupa in danger, and Alex and his family must band together to protect him.

While Chupa may be the titular character, the film’s human cast is scary good, too, from the award winners to the newcomers. Along with Whitten, the cast includes Demián Bichir, Christian Slater, Ashley Ciarra, Nickolas Verdugo, Adriana Paz, Gerardo Taracena, and Julio Cedillo.

The creative team behind Chupa is a tour de force of some of the best filmmakers in the world, led by director Jonas Cuaron, and producers Michael Barnathan,  Nicolás Celis, Chris Columbus, and Mark Radcliffe.

The film was released on Netflix two days before Easter Sunday. By Easter Chupa was ranked the #1 watched movie in the United States, and in dozens of other countries around the world. Congratulations Evan!