My Story…..



 Kathleen Deters is a Los Angeles based Personal Talent Manager with nearly twenty years experience helping to develop the careers of actors at every level in the entertainment industry. Kathleen started out by taking her own children to auditions in the mid 1990’s, and with their success in film, television and commercials she was quickly introduced to many of the top agents, managers and casting agents working in Los Angeles. These same industry professionals recognized that her knowledge, experience, and inherent talents would serve her well, and encouraged her pursue a career as a talent manager. Suddenly… KD Talent Management was born.

KD Talent Management currently represents a wide variety of actors, from budding young talent to seasoned veterans. Kathleen and her experienced team help to develop and support each individual client by focusing on these key elements:

  • Recognizing and cultivating the distinctive characteristics that can set each client apart from the crowd, and locating the proper training for their individual needs.
  • Developing the tools necessary for clients to become known in the industry, including custom headshots, reels, resumes, and much more.
  • Assisting client’s talent agencies by submitting clients for roles on a daily basis using Breakdown Services, Casting Networks, and other sources. If a client fits a character’s description, they are submitted promptly. If clients are perfect for a specific role, they will be aggressively pitched to casting directors.
  • Managing client’s schedules and handling conflicts with multiple auditions and bookings.
  • Preparing clients prior to auditions, and advising them how to best secure the role.
  • Advising and assisting clients while working on set regarding everything from script interpretation to union guidelines to set etiquette.
  • Advice and assistance with publicity, branding, and social media.
  • Promoting clients through the KD Talent Management website, and press releases for major events.

Dozens of current and former clients have successfully booked roles for the following producers:

  • Network and Cable Television Shows for producers such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The CW, HBO, Showtime, AMC, Lifetime, MTV, Hallmark, 3 Arts, Awesomeness TV, Nickelodeon, Disney, TLC, Biography, and more.
  • Studio and Independent Feature Film producers such as Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros, Columbia, Revolution, Lionsgate, FOX Searchlight, Sony, New Line Cinema, and many, many more.
  • International, National, Regional and Local advertising campaigns for major advertisers including Ford, Coca Cola, Intel, Delta, VISA, Chevrolet, Geico, McDonalds, Amazon, Progressive, Pepsi, Anheuser Busch, Jet Blue, Home Depot, Dominos, Lowe’s, Taco Bell… nearly every advertiser one could imagine.

KD Talent Management is not a theatrical or franchised agent and has made no representations to it’s clients, either written or oral, to the contrary. The Manager has not offered, attempted or promised to obtain, seek or procure employment, engagements or performing arrangements for it’s clients, and the Manager is not obligated, licensed or expected to do so.